Almost 400 People Across Lebanon Were Arrested In The Past Week Alone

A man was arrested in eastern Lebanon for working with Israeli intelligence, according to the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) have arrested a total of 389 people between June 21st – 27th for various crimes across Lebanese territories.

In an announcement on Monday, the ISF outlined the different crimes and the number of perpetrators arrested:

  • Drugs: 101 people
  • Theft: 89 people
  • Shooting: 23 people
  • Robbery: 12 people
  • Counterfeiting: 13 people
  • Murder/attempted murder: 8
  • Smuggling people: 5 people
  • Smuggling fuel and goods: 5 people
  • Miscellaneous: 133 people

The ISF is on the hunt for gang members who are wearing ISF uniforms to carry out criminal acts.

In addition, the Lebanese Army announced that it had arrested 28 people last week for attempting to smuggle fuel and goods outside of Lebanon.

The increase of crimes amid deteriorating economic conditions is an added major concern for the population.