Lebanese Internal Security Forces Just Arrested An FPM Youth Member

via Twitter

On Wednesday, the hashtag “كلنا_شربل_رزوق#” (“We’re all Charbel Razzouk”) was trending on Twitter following the arrest of a Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) youth member.

Charbel Razzouk was arrested at his home on Tuesday after he hung a huge banner calling out Lebanon’s top prosecutor Judge Ghassan Oueidat. The banned read, “What have you done, Ghassan,” in reference to more than 35 cases he is handling.

Last night, a group of lawyers demonstrated for Razzouk’s release and this morning FPM supporters protested in front of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) headquarters in Beirut criticizing the “police state.”

The problem between FPM groups and Judge Oueidat stems from conflicts between the prosecutor and FPM-affiliated Judge Ghada Aoun.

A day after the detainment of the FPM youth, the Lebanese High Judicial Council Oueidat and his family received threats of violence.