ISF Arrested Thief Impersonating A Security Force In Mount Lebanon


Following a series of robberies in the different areas of Mount Lebanon by an unknown individual impersonating a security force, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) managed to identify the suspect and arrested him.

The Lebanese man, S. H., born in 1973, has a history of crime. The ISF located him in the area of Ras al-Nabaa and proceeded to arrest him.

An amount of $800 and LBP 6,165,000 were found in his possession as well as a cell phone and a Rolex wristwatch. All possessions were seized from him.

Upon interrogation, the suspect confessed to multiple crimes, including looting and pickpocketing while impersonating a security force on a motorbike. He would evaluate the identities of citizens, search them, rob them of their money, and then escape.

Based on the reference of the judiciary, the photo of the thief is being circulated by the General Directorate.

People who have fallen victim to him are asked to come to the General Directorate of the ISF building in Ashrafieh or call the hotline 1788 to proceed with legal measures.

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