ISF Arrested A Drug Trafficking Mastermind In Jdita, Lebanon


The Information Division in the Internal Security Forces (ISF) continues its relentless pursuit to prosecute individuals involved in drug trafficking and promotion.

This led them to uncover the identity of “a drug tracking mastermind” in the Metn area, identified as B. St. (Born in 1988, Syrian).

According to the arrest warrant, the criminal had been wanted by the judiciary but had fled and hid in one of the towns in Bekaa.

Orders were given to detain him and on 7/14/2022, one of the information division’s patrols was capable of locating him in the town of Jdita. The patrol carried out an ambush and arrested him.

During interrogations, the man confessed to his crimes and is now facing the legal provisions carried out against him based on the reference of the judiciary.

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