ISF Arrested Drug Dealer Operating In Areas Within Mount Lebanon

An Internal Security Forces (ISF) policeman was found dead in a car on Tuesday.

After intense investigations, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) uncovered the identity of a dealer promoting drugs in areas within the Mount Lebanon Governorate.

According to a statement issued by the General Directorate of the ISF, the investigations were done as part of the “daily follow-up carried out by the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces.”

The daily investigations aim to reduce and eliminate “drug trafficking and promotion operations” in various regions in Lebanon.

The drug trafficker, known as H. H., is a 29 year old Syrian male who is facing three prosecutions for drug offense.

During interrogations, the dealer confessed to promoting drugs in Jal el Dib, Dbayeh, and Antelias.

It was clarified that he was concluding said crimes on his black motorbike, which is missing a license plate. The motorbike was seized along with the belongings inside, including a cellphone, an envelope with 3.1g of cocaine, and a plastic box containing 5.9g of cocaine.

H. H. is now facing the legal consequences carried out against him based on the pertinent judiciary.

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