ISF Arrested Operator Of Social Media Pages Robbing People In Beirut


The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) took the necessary measures to identify the users of the social media pages that have been robbing people of their money, pretending to sell dollars at half their value.

Several citizens fell victims to the scam. They would contact the operators of these pages to exchange their money and go meet them at an indicated place to be subjected instead to a robbery of their money and belongings by unidentified people.

“As a result of the investigations, we were able to identify the operator of one of the pages on social media, who is of Syrian nationality and residing in Turkey,” stated the ISF.

They also managed to identify “the boss of these operations in Lebanon, who is called: H.S. (born in 1995, Lebanese).”

The said boss was located and then ambushed by the ISF in the Dahiya area of Beirut on July 7th, and arrested.

According to the ISF statement, the suspect confessed to the crime during interrogation, revealing that he had carried out more than 10 robberies by fraud.

The robberies were carried out after the page operator -who is currently in Turkey- would provide H.S. with the name of the “customer” and would communicate with him to determine the meeting’s location.

He would then send his partners in crime to rob the “customer” and the stolen items would be divided between them and the operator.

People in Lebanon are urged to be extra cautious and not trust such advertisement claims on social media.

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