ISF Arrested A Serial Shop Thief In Beirut


An unknown person robbed 5 shops by breaking in the locality of Boulevard Camille Chamoun, in Beirut.

Subsequently, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) intensified its investigation and efforts to determine the identity of the perpetrator. Their investigations led them to discover the identity of the robber, revealed as H. F. (Lebanese, born in 1995) with a history of theft.

After monitoring and observing, the ISF carried out an operation on June 20 in the neighborhood of Hay al-Salam and arrested him.

The search in his house resulted in the confiscation of bulks of shoes, clothes, cell phones, and related accessories, in addition to copper coins.

During his interrogation, he admitted to breaking into 5 shops in one night in the locality of Camille Chamoun Boulevard and stealing all the available money and goods.

He also admitted to having stolen, on previous dates, more than 18 shops, including clothing and shoe stores, restaurants, sweets shops, a cell phone repair shop, warehouses, and a travel office, in the areas of Khaldeh, Choueifat, Hadath, and Kfarshima.

The legal requirement was carried out against him, and he was transferred with the seized items to the judicial authority.