ISF Arrested Those Who Stole Crude Oil From Pipelines Extending From Iraq To Lebanon


The Information Division of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) is constantly following up to curb the theft of crude oil from the pipeline connected to oil installations in Tripoli and to prosecute and arrest those involved.

As a result of field and information follow-up, the specialized units in the Division have identified 3 people involved in these operations, and they are:

Y. A. (born in 1990, Lebanese)
D. S. (born in 2000, Lebanese)
H. M. (born in 1986, Lebanese)

On May 28, and after a careful monitoring process, the Division’s patrols were able to spot them in the locality of Bebnin on board vans of the two Mitsubishi and Hyundai types.

The two vans were seized, in addition to two plastic tanks with a capacity of 2000 liters, an iron tank with a capacity of 2500 liters, traces of crude oil, and a suction cup used to extract crude oil from the pipeline.

During the interrogating, they confessed to stealing crude oil from inside the oil pipelines extending from Iraq to Lebanon.

They were arrested with the seized tools and the search is ongoing to arrest other suspects.

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