The ISF Arrested In Beirut Two People Involved In A Major Theft Operation


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces (ISF), Public Relations Division announced the arrest of two people in a major theft operation.

In detail, at approximately 8:00 AM on September 15, in the town of Chtaura, in front of Bank Audi, two masked persons in a black Mercedes car robbed $50,000 from a citizen and fled to an unknown destination.

Immediately, the ISF’s Information Division began its follow-up and managed to identify, in less than 24 hours, the two cars used by the perpetrators: a black Mercedes E500 and a black 4WD Mitsubishi.

The Division was also able to identify the homes of the two perpetrators: the first, T. H. (born in 1982, Lebanese) in the locality of Hawsh al-Harima in the Bekaa, and the second, F. H. (born in 1992, Lebanese) in the locality of Marj – Chtaura.

The first is wanted by the judiciary for multiple crimes of robbery, theft, drugs, and shooting, and the second for the crime of shooting.

On September 23, the ISF was able to determine their whereabouts in the locality of Verdun, Beirut. Subsequently, it raided and arrested them after seizing their weapons: a Kalashnikov rifle and a military pistol with their ammunition.

By searching the house, an amount of $1,500 and 4,000,000 LL from the stolen money was found. A four-wheel drive Range Rover and another Mercedes were also seized, in addition to the Mercedes used in the robbery.

During interrogation, the detainees confessed to planning and carrying out the robbery in Chtaura.

On board the Mercedes car that had been seized, they left for Beirut after handing a third person named W. T. (born in 1983, Lebanese) an amount of $10,000 in exchange for information about the victim.

After which, they divided the remaining amount equally among themselves, which amounted to $40,000.

According to the ISF, the sum of the recovered seizures totaled more than $30,000.
The legal requirement was carried out, and they were deposited with the seizures to the competent reference based on a judicial reference.