ISF Arrests Theft Mastermind Who Impersonated Military Personnel

Annahar | LebISF

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced that it had arrested the mastermind of a theft gang and his partner in crime. 

In investigating several thefts and robberies in the Mount Lebanon and North Lebanon regions, the Information Division of the ISF was able to identify the mastermind as 32-year-old A.G. who has a history of theft and robbery and “is considered a dangerous person.”

In its statement, the ISF said it had ambushed the criminal in the Zahriyeh neighborhood in Tripoli, and security patrols were able to arrest him and seize a military pistol and around 44 million Lebanese pounds that were in his possession. 

During interrogations, he confessed to the robberies in Mount Lebanon, including stealing cables and attempting to rob a warehouse belonging to a fuel company in Amchit. 

He also admitted to stealing 5 vans from Tripoli, robbing people at gunpoint or with the force of arms while wearing a military uniform. 

His partner, 27-year-old Z.A., who was arrested days later in Abu Samra, Tripoli, confessed to partaking in the thefts.

The ISF is also on the hunt for individuals impersonating security personnel.

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