ISF Busted Attempt To Smuggle Over 800,000 Captagon Pills To Africa


On Tuesday, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces announced that it had successfully thwarted an attempt to smuggle large quantities of Captagon pills and kief powder (cannabis crystals) out of Lebanon.

According to a statement issued by the ISF, they were provided with information about preparations to smuggle the drugs via a shipment of car lubricants to an African country.


They immediately launched investigations and were able to identify, locate, and arrest the individual leading the smuggling operation, a 47-year-old Lebanese citizen by the initials Z.H.

Z.H. was stopped on January 2nd near the airport road and the whereabouts of the shipment was located and seized at the Beirut Port on January 4th.


Hidden in barrels of car oil, the shipment included 812,000 pills of Captagon, in addition to 861 kilograms of kief powder, which, among its many uses, can be used to make homemade hash.

Z.H. buckled and confessed during interrogation and investigations are underway to arrest people involved in the smuggling operation.

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