ISF Officer Murdered at a Police Station in Ouzai

A shocking murder-suicide took place in Beirut on the day of the parliamentary session. A man stormed into the internal security forces station south of Beirut, and killed a captain and two soldiers and then shot himself.


Reports stated that Hassan Al-Hussein stormed into the ISF station in Al Ouzai with his mother to free his brother. According to MTV News, Al-Hussein is a Lebanese citizen, and not a Syrian national as many speculated.

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Preliminary investigations show that he was not armed when he entered the police station. Reports show that a fight of hands occurred between him and his brother in the station, which prompted the police officers to intervene.


Al-Hussein then disarmed one of the police officers and fired towards Officer Jalal Shreif who died instantly. He also managed to severely wound another officer, Ziad Al Attar, and shot another security force personel, Ali Amhaz, in his leg; after which he shot himself and died instantly.

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Major Jalal Shreif, 31 years old, was born in Al Yamuna, Baalbek. He is the son of Brigadier General of the Lebanese Army Ali Shreif, and the father of two beautiful children of ages five and two and a half.


He joined the ISF in 2007 and was promoted to the rank of captain, and now to major after his death in the line of duty.

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Major Jalal Shreif served in several stations and was honored with many awards, which are: Medal of War, Medal of the Wounded, National Medal of Cedar with Knight Rank, Lebanese Order of Merit of the Third Order, Medal of Internal Security, and Medal of Merit.


In light of this sad situation, Lebanese Ministers tweeted their condolences to his family and their sympathy to the families of the three soldiers.

Alain Hakim tweeted: “We regret that the military establishment (Army and Security Forces) pays the price of uncontrolled arms in the hands of thugs.”

He then expressed his condolences for the families of the martyrs: “May God have mercy on the soul of the martyrs, First Sergeant Ali Ismail, First Sergeant Ahmed Haider Ahmed, Soldier Hassan Ezzeddine, and Major Jalal Shreif. We bow before their dedication to their work until the last duty.”


Minister Zeina Akar also tweeted in condolences: “With deep pain, I received the news of the serious incident that happened at the Ouzai police station. Efforts are now focused to control outlaws and those who tamper with [the law], whether in Hermel or Beirut.”

She added, “I pay tribute to the martyrs, the wounded, and their families. We are all with the military forces. Mercy for the souls of the heroic martyrs and a speedy recovery for the wounded.”