The ISF Thwarted Another Illegal Emigration Attempt From North Lebanon


Within the framework of the follow-up carried out by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) to combat the smuggling of people by sea to European countries, the ISF came into an intel about unknown persons preparing for a smuggling operation by the sea in Al Miniyeh for the amount of $4,000 per person.

ISF patrols intensified their efforts to uncover the identity of those involved in order to thwart the smuggling process.

As a result of investigations, four individuals were identified:

  • M. Kh. (born in 1991, Lebanese)
  • Kh. Kh. (born in 1981, Lebanese)
  • W. Z. (born in 1982, Palestinian)
  • A’. T. (born in 1983, Lebanese)

At dawn on 24/08/2022, the patrols carried out a tight ambush in the locality of Miniyeh. They arrested M. Kh. and Kh. Kh. and thwarted a smuggling operation of 24 persons of Palestinian and Lebanese nationalities.

According to the ISF, they were aboard two Mitsubishi vans and a BMW car parked in the aforementioned locality, and about to head to the location of the boat to leave Lebanese territory by sea illegally.

A number of foodstuffs and personal items, consisting of 5 life jackets, were found in and seized from the BMW belonging to M.Kh.

The third and fourth suspects were arrested the following day in the Al-Badawi locality. An amount of $21,500 was seized in their possession.

During the interrogation, they confessed to planning and initiating the implementation of smuggling people to a European country by sea.

Based on the testimonies of the passengers, they were about to leave the Lebanese territory for Europe in exchange for $4,000 per person.

Upon a court’s decision, the passengers were set free. The money was seized, and the foodstuffs were delivered to a charitable organization.

The legal requirement was carried out against the four detainees.

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