ISF Will Isolate These Areas In Beirut To Ensure The Parliament Confidence Session

The new Lebanese government is expected to obtain confidence from the members of the parliament this Tuesday, February 11th.

Sources assume that if the MPs do make it to the Parliament, more than half will give it their trust. It is sufficient for the government to obtain the votes of half the parliament to gain that confidence. 

As everyone now knows, Lebanese people are not supporting the new government, as it was imposed on them and doesn’t meet any of their demands.

They are against this session, and they are determined to do anything and everything to keep it from being held. 

They are calling on all people of the revolution to start their protests early in downtown Beirut, block the roads, and keep the MPs from reaching the Parliament.

The revolutionaries are all motivated; in the end, this is a big day for them and they are determined to get their way.

However, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) are taking extreme measures to keep the revolutionaries away, especially those coming from outside of Beirut from across the country.

In order to secure the area, and the safety of the people and the MPs, and ensure that the Parliament session will take place without any obstacles, the General Directorate of the ISF – Public Relations Division issued the following notice:

The House of Representatives will hold a plenary session to discuss the ministerial statement and give confidence to the government at 10:30 on February 11th and  12th.

Therefore, on the mentioned dates, as of 7:00 am, the following measures will be taken:

  • The Banks’ Streets will be completely evacuated and closed throughout the session and until its completion.
  • Isolation and evacuation of the areas extending from Zokak Al-Blat Mosque to El-Azariyeh, and from El-Nahar building to Bab Edris Street.  
  • The following intersections leading to El-Nejmeh Square will be closed: Gargola, El Lambi, and Foch. 

The ISF’s notice concluded with the following: “Citizens are kindly requested to take note and abide by the instructions of the ISF and the directional signs placed in order to prevent traffic.”

The revolutionaries didn’t welcome these instructions since the mentioned measures will obstruct their aim. In response, a message-call to all the revolutionaries is currently circulating the internet:

The message says: “A call to all Lebanese revolutionaries: The ruling gang will be closing Beirut to its people starting Monday evening to prevent us from arriving by the masses to the city. They will be doing the impossible for the confidence session to pass on Tuesday.”

“Let us consolidate against their plan and surprise them with what they don’t expect and start heading from now to Beirut. Let the revolutionaries of Beirut open their homes to host the protesters from other regions.”

For about a week now, the Lebanese protesters have been preparing for Tuesday’s session and, obviously, they won’t be giving up now. Despite all, they will try to stop the PMs from reaching the Parliament and holding the session.

Precautions in the area are being taken. For instance, the management of Le Grey Hotel in downtown Beirut has stopped receiving reservations as of Sunday and until Tuesday for the safety of the hotel workers, customers, and visitors.

However, that precaution from the hotel has mainly to do with the retaliation of public shaming the hotel endured from the revolutionaries in the aftermath of the previous parliamentary session.

Several politicians had booked their rooms in that 5-star hotel by the Parliament building to avoid the revolution’s human shield set to stop them and they made it to the session. 

In all cases, whether the MPs reach the Parliament or not, and whether the new government will manage to obtain the parliamentary confidence or not, the Lebanese people are adamant not to give theirs to a government formed against their will and demands. 

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