ISF Just Released A Touching Video Calling On Lebanese To Fight The Second Wave


May 14th marks the first day of the new four-day shutdown ordered by the Cabinet. The lockdown aims to assess the new coronavirus situation and stepping into the second wave.

To encourage people to stay at home during this time, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) just released a touching video on social media with the hashtag ‎خلينا_عنفس_الموجة# (let’s stay on the same wave). 

The voice-over starts by talking about how the Lebanese had succeeded in overcoming the first wave, saying: “We took all the precautions, stayed away from each other, and closed all the stores.” 

As the second wave of the coronavirus may be in the works, the video continues, “A new wave is threatening us, intending to separate us once again.” 

“Let’s be stronger than this, face all the difficulties, and stand on our feet, in order to return back to a normal life together.”

People are getting tired of remaining isolated, especially the Lebanese who are known lovers of socializing. During times like these, it helps to remember Lebanon was able to overcome the first wave.

There’s no doubt, it can do it again!

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