Internal Security Forces warn against celebratory gunfire as Brevet results are released

The Ministry of Education announced the results of the Brevet today. This year, 82.31% of the candidates passed the examinations. The results can be found here.

Students and parents have all the right to celebrate. We all know that passing the Brevet is a stressful experience. Unfortunately, some people use gunfire to celebrate passing the exams.

Every year, celebratory gunfire results in death or injury from stray bullets.

Common occasions for celebratory gunfire include weddings, graduation, and New Year’s Eve.

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) released a video that explains the dangers of gunfire. The ISF is urging citizens to stop celebrating achievements and happy moments with gunfire.

In fact, there are strict punishments against celebratory shooting in Lebanon. 

Sadly, there are still people that are not abiding the law. Celebratory gunfire is a Lebanese tradition that we should leave behind.

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