Israel Reportedly Accepted Lebanon’s Demands In The Border Demarcation File

James Nielsen | Financial Times

Local media reported that Israel has accepted Lebanon’s demands in the border demarcation file and needs a few more weeks to finalize the agreement.

The same sources said that Israel wants guarantees that Hezbollah will not attack Israel gas rigs if the agreement is not reached by mid-September.

The agreement would give Lebanon Line 23 and all of the Qana field.

“Israel has sent clear messages to Hezbollah, saying that it has accepted Lebanon’s demands and asking for guarantees that Hezbollah will not attack Karish,” the source went on to say.

An official Lebanese source added that Lebanon and Israel are nearing an agreement over the demarcation of their maritime border.

“We are very close to reaching an agreement over the demarcation of the sea border with Israel,” the source told Russia’s Sputnik news agency.

The source added that Lebanon had been informed that a positive answer will be carried by the U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein, and he will soon return to Beirut.

“The month of September will witness the solution for the border demarcation file,” the source said.

Last June, Israel moved a production vessel into the Karish field, parts of which are claimed by Lebanon.

The move forced Lebanon to call for the American mediator in the file, and Hochstein answered the request by visiting Beirut, while Hezbollah threatened Israel against proceeding with extraction.

Lebanon is now waiting for a response from Israel after having relayed its maritime border negotiations to Hochstein.

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