Israel Accused Hezbollah Of Hacking UN Peacekeepers In Lebanon

Andalou Agency

On Wednesday, Israel accused Hezbollah of conducting cyber operations and trying to hack the UNIFIL and disrupt their work and threatened to retaliate.

According to Reuters, Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz announced that “Iranian security institutions in cooperation with Hezbollah launched a cyber operation with the aim of stealing materials about UNIFIL activities and deployment in the area, for Hezbollah’s use.”

He then added at a cyber conference at Tel Aviv University, “This is yet another direct attack by Iran and Hezbollah on Lebanese citizens and on Lebanon’s stability.”

However, in response to these accusations, the Deputy Chief of UNIFIL’s Strategic Communication and Public Information Office, Kandice Ardiel, denied any attempts of hacking operations by Hezbollah and gave a statement.

“UNIFIL and the United Nations take cyber-security very seriously and have robust measures in place to protect our data. We are aware of media reports of comments by the Israeli Defence Minister today, but we have not received any direct information on the alleged incident.”

The accusations against the Iranian-backed Hezbollah follow Israel’s accusations of Iran trying to acquire nuclear weapons earlier in June amid heightened tensions between the two countries.

Currently, Lebanon and Israel’s tensions have also soared with the maritime border dispute.

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