Israel Accused Hezbollah Of ‘Kidnapping’ Lebanon’s Security & Threatened With War

Israel Arrests Two People Who Snuck In From Lebanon

Aviv Kochavi, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, said on Sunday: “Both the state of Lebanon and Hezbollah will bear the repercussions if the sovereignty of the state of Israel is violated and if its interests are harmed, or its citizens are harmed,” according to a tweet in Arabic by the Israeli army spokesman, Avichay Adraee. 

Kochavi said in a statement that Hezbollah had taken over several parts of Lebanon, “effectively becoming the body that determines its security policy,” and that “Hezbollah has kidnapped Lebanon from the security point of view.”

He accued Lebanon for not implementing Resolution 1701, “as rockets, missiles, anti-armor launchers, and control rooms are deployed in southern Lebanon, southern Beirut, and the entire Bekaa Valley.”

The U.N. Resolution 1701 called for the disarmament of nonstate armed groups and its mandate is renewed every year.

Israel Threatened To Respond To Hezbollah By Opening The Golan Front.
Israeli PM Demands That Lebanese Government Restrains Hezbollah.

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