Israel Reportedly Accepted To Give Up The Entire Qana Field To Lebanon

Daily Sabah

Sources following up on the US mediator’s tour reiterated that “Amos Hochstein’s visit to Beirut is different from previous times, as it carries an offer that Israel accepts to give up the entire Qana field.”

Including the overlapping zigzags in the territorial waters inside Israel, and that Israel agreed to give it up in exchange for a large financial compensation.

Al-Anbaa reported from its sources that “Lebanon will inform Hochstein that it cannot commit to paying material compensation, whatever its value, and it considers itself very damaged by the Israeli practices on its southern borders.”

Those negotiations are meant to ensure that nothing prevents Lebanon from extracting its oil and gas.

Hochstein has just arrived in Beirut from Athens and started his two-day visit by meeting the Lebanese Energy Minister, Walid Fayyad.

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