Israeli Air Force Conducts A Combat Drill Near Lebanese Borders

Amir Cohen

According to the Israeli military, Israel’s air force initiated what they call a “surprise exercise” to enhance their combat readiness at the demarcation Blue Line with Lebanon.

Israeli Defense Minister and alternative prime minister Benny Gantz had threatened just last week to make Lebanese pay “the heaviest price” if Hezbollah were to attack it.

In a statement made on Monday, Israel warned its people about an increase in air traffic as well as sounds of explosions in its north. which the military drill will cause until Wednesday.

According to that statement, the military drill “simulates combat scenarios in the northern front and will test all components in the (air force’s) core missions, including maintaining aerial superiority, protecting the country’s skies, as well as attacking and gathering intelligence.”

This comes in addition to the Israeli air force violating Lebanese airspace almost daily for months now, flying over Beirut in their military strike campaign against Iranian targets in Syria.

Reports state that the Iranian targets aim to establish a permanent military base in Syria to support Hezbollah in Lebanon with advanced weapons.

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Israeli Air Force Conducts A Combat Drill Near Lebanese Borders

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