Israel Arrested Migrant Workers Who Crossed Border From Lebanon

Israel Arrested 3 People Who Crossed Border From Lebanon
Anadolu Agency

The Israeli military said on Sunday that it had detained 3 people who had crossed the border from Lebanon near the Israeli Yiftah settlement.

Avichay Adraee, a spokesperson for the Israeli military, said in a tweet late on Sunday that Israeli soldiers had “detected three suspects who infiltrated from inside Lebanon into Israel near the town of Yiftah, where the forces arrested them.”

The detained individuals were revealed to be Sudanese workers who were attempting to cross the border from Lebanon in search of work.

They were later returned to Lebanon. The Lebanese Army commented on the incident in a statement issued on Monday.

“An Army force arrested in the town of Mays El-Jabal – South – each of ‘H.A.,’ ‘A.A.,’ and ‘A.A.,’ who are Sudanese nationals, after they infiltrated the occupied Palestinian territories and were returned to Lebanon,” it said.

The statement noted that the detainees were being questioned under the supervision of the competent judicial authorities.

On the same night, the National News Agency reported that Israeli forces had fired flares over several southern Lebanese areas, including Mays El-Jabal, Houla, Blida, and Wazzani.

It’s worth noting that last week, Israeli forces began construction work on a road near the southern Lebanese border.