Israel Is Building Barbed Wire Fence At Border With Lebanon To Stop Protesters

Israel Is Building Barbed Wire Fence At Border With Lebanon To Stop Protesters

The Israeli military is constructing a barbed wire fence near the border with Lebanon to prevent protests south of the country from spilling over.

Israeli forces have been working for some time on building a new fence, with the help of a crane, in the settlement opposite to the border Lebanese village of Khiam, the National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

The fence is the outcome of Israeli concerns about potential infiltration from Lebanon into the Israeli settlement by protesters, through the border, as recurrent demonstrations against Israeli attacks on Palestinians continue to take place on the Lebanese side.

The first anti-Israel protest at the southern Lebanese border since the eruption of the ongoing conflict in Palestine took place last Friday, when a group of people attempted to cross the border and were fired at by Israeli forces.

The border region has since been witnessing high tensions, especially after rockets were launched from various southern Lebanese areas into Israel on several occasions, the latest of which was on Wednesday afternoon.

A day prior, the Israeli military opened fire at a patrol of the Lebanese Army Intelligence Directorate as it passed by the technical fence in South Lebanon.

The Army had found on the same day 7 sites prepared for launching rockets, one of which contained a ready-to-fire rocket.

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