Israel Just Gave ‘Exact Coordinates’ Of Secret Hezbollah Arms Depot In Beirut

United Nations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Hezbollah party of having a “secret arms depot” in a residential neighborhood of Beirut, warning it could cause another tragic explosion in the Lebanese capital.

In a speech addressed to the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, Netanyahu showed maps exposing an alleged missile depot’s location next to residential housing, a gas station, and a gas company.

He also showed what he said was a picture of the entrance to the depot.

United Nations | Youtube

Netanyahu alarmingly stated: “Here’s where the next explosion will take place, right here.”

United Nations | Youtube

“You’ve got to act now, you’ve got to protest this because if this thing explodes, it’s another tragedy. You should tell them, ‘Tear these depots down,'” Netanyahu said addressing the people of Lebanon from the United Nations.

United Nations | Youtube

Netanyahu’s full speech can be found at the United Nations Youtube Channel:

The Arabic spokesperson of the Israeli Army released the following video for what Israel claims to be Hezbollah’s Precision Guided Missle (PGM) manufacturing sites in Beirut:

The video shows the spots in Jnah, El-Laylaki, and Choueifat areas.

Hassan Nasrallah, security general of Hezbollah, denied this in a video speech recorded from an unknown location. He welcomed, starting from 10 pm local Beirut time, any local or international journalists at the locations to check for themselves.

He went on to jokingly say that anyone can go check right now to make sure they aren’t moving any rockets now.

This comes following several reports linking Hezbollah, in one way or another, to the ammonium nitrate that exploded last month at the Beirut port. Over 200 people were killed, another 5,000 injured and over 300,000 left homeless.

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