Israel Just Released 500 Goats It Stole From Lebanon

Israel Just Captured 300 Goats From Lebanon

The Israeli military has returned a large number of goats that it had seized on Sunday from southern Lebanon, the National News Agency reported.

On Sunday, the Israeli military captured 500 goats in the occupied Kfarchouba hills in southern Lebanon to pressure shepherds into leaving the area.

The Israeli unit that stole the goats fired warning shots over a shepherd’s head while leading the animals into occupied territory, the NNA reported at the time.

The incident took place as Israeli military aircraft violated the Lebanese airspace and flew over multiple areas, including Aarqoub and Hasbaya.

The incident is similar to when Israeli forces entered Lebanon and seized several cows before returning them a few days later, back in January.

In violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, Israel regularly violates Lebanon’s sovereignty through various activities that include encroaching on Lebanon’s air, land, and maritime borders.

Lebanon has responded by repeatedly lodging complaints to the U.N., including one that was filed last week, following the fall of missiles in several Lebanese areas during an Israeli attack on Syria.

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