Israel Strike On Car In South Lebanon Kills 4, Including 3 Children


The Israeli forces targeted a civilian vehicle in the Ghadamatha area between the towns of Aitaroun and Ainata.

Samir Abdel Hussein Ayoub, a journalist from Ainata, was driving his car when another vehicle, driven by Huda Abdel Nabi Hajjazi (Samir’s niece from the town of Bleda, married to Mahmoud Shour from Aitaroun), followed closely behind.

Accompanying Huda were her mother and Huda’s three children. The Israeli forces targeted Huda’s car, resulting in injuries to both Samir and Huda.

Huda’s mother, Samira Abdel Hussein Ayoub, along with Huda’s three children, Reemas Mahmoud Shour (14 years old), Talin Mahmoud Shour (12 years old), and Layan Mahmoud Shour (10 years old), lost their lives in the attack.

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