Israeli Army Is Reportedly Preparing For War With Lebanon


Speaking in a press gathering last week, Israel‘s Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz revealed Israel‘s anticipation that a war will erupt on its northern front in the coming years.

“In Lebanon, there are thousands of houses that have missiles’ rooms and a guest room in the same residence,” he claimed, adding that it was their moral obligation to protect their citizens by attacking those missile rooms.

“We cannot ensure that those guest rooms (where people reside) will remain whole, but we will make every effort so that our attacks will be as pinpointed as possible while warning the residents because we are moral people,” he said.

Gantz also mentioned that, if a war erupts, both sides would feel it yet the Lebanese side would feel it in a “powerful way” and warned Lebanon not to “test the power of the state of Israel and the IDF.”

He also spoke of strengthening their border communities both economically and socially to withstand and persevere in future crises.

To add to that, the Israeli army is also preparing for a month-long simulated war as part of its training against Hezbollah in which it reportedly aims to treat the gaps it had during the 2006 July War.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, the top officials are standing firm by their opposing stances, which are topping all priorities as the economic and political crises continue to weaken the country and impact its military.

The deteriorating situation is proving as difficult on the Lebanese army and will continue to do so the longer Lebanon stays without a government that can deliver real solutions and lead the country back to functional stability.

The situation has reached a point that compelled the Army Commander to speak up against the political officials and warn of the dangerous situation the country is heading to.

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Israeli Army Is Reportedly Preparing For War With Lebanon

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