Israeli Defense Minister Questioned The Ability To Reach A Maritime Border Deal With Lebanon Amid Hezbollah Threats


Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz said in a meeting with U.N. diplomats in New York that Israel is keen to make a deal with Lebanon regarding the maritime border.

“The State of Israel is interested in progressing maritime border negotiations with Lebanon,” Gantz said. “In the end, there will be two gas rigs, one Israeli and one Lebanese.”

Gantz mentioned Hezbollah saying that the question is whether they can reach this scenario without an unnecessary escalation as a result of Hezbollah threats.

“Establishing a rig on the Lebanese side is in the interest of Lebanon, whose residents do not have a regular electricity supply and are experiencing a devastating economic crisis,” he said, explaining that Israel will also capitalize on its resources.

Gantz called on United Nations Security Council to condemn “any violation of Israeli sovereignty” by Hezbollah, warning that Israel would not tolerate any threat by the group.

He added that the escalation will firstly harm the citizens of Lebanon and the Lebanese state, and bring the negotiations back to the start, and hence must be avoided.

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