Israel Will Officially Recognize Its 18-Year Occupation Of South Lebanon

Reuters/A. Hashisho

In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon and occupied, until 2000, around 10 percent of Lebanese territory in the south. This year marks the 20th year since their withdrawal (excluding from the disputed Shebaa Farms).

Now, Israel is seeking to recognize its 18-year occupation of southern Lebanon as an official military campaign called “The Security Zone in Lebanon Campaign,” reported Middle East Monitor citing Israeli media. 

The decision, which comes based on the recommendation of a committee of IDF generals and former commanders of the lengthy occupation, has been passed on to the Israeli defense minister for approval.

“There is no doubt that the operational service in Lebanon deserves historic recognition,” Israel’s defense minister was reported saying, according to MEM.

If passed, the occupation of southern Lebanon of 1982 will be officially “considered the same as Israel’s other wars” and military campaigns.

This will make it Israel’s 9th recognized war/military campaign, and officially as one of two wars that took place in Lebanon (the other in 2006). 

Lebanese Army, Beirut 1982 (James Case)

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