Israel Is Refusing Lebanon’s Demand To Expand Disputed Border

AP Photo/Bilal Hussein

Lebanon and Israel have wrapped up their third session of negotiations over the disputed maritime border that the U.S. and the United Nation have claimed as being “productive.” 

However, local media have reported that the negotiations are not going as smoothly nor as ‘productive’ as claimed.  

Apparently, tensions are rising between the two delegations over Lebanon’s new demand to expand the disputed area on the maritime border.

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The Lebanese delegation is pushing for an additional 1,430 square kilometers to be included in the Lebanese territory, which is significant because it taps into the area recognized as an Israeli gas field (Karish).

According to Asharq al-Awsat, Israel is refusing to even discuss Lebanon’s new request.

Quoting an Israeli source, the daily said that the Israeli delegation was “surprised” when Lebanon presented a new map “demanding not only the disputed area of 860 kilometers but also an additional 1,430 kilometers inside the Israeli zone in economic waters,” and claimed Lebanon is aiming to have “full control of two Israeli gas fields.” 

AP/Hussein Malla

The topic reportedly led to a “heated debate” between the delegations in Ras al-Naqoura, where they will meet for the fourth round of negotiations on November 11th.

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