Israel Reportedly Hitting Border Areas After Rockets Fired At Occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms

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After a brief hour of calm this morning, border tensions escalated as Hezbollah launched guided missile attacks on Israeli military installations.

In retaliation, the Israeli army targeted locations within Lebanon, including a tent set up by Hezbollah in the Lebanese Shebaa farms area.

Two individuals were injured due to falling glass from the Israeli strikes on Kafr Shuba. They were promptly taken to Marjayoun Governmental Hospital and are reported to be in stable condition.

Hezbollah re-established the tent near the Zabdin site, which had been previously hit by Israeli missiles. The Israeli army released a video capturing the drone strike on the tent.

UNIFIL forces in the region received messages from Israel indicating a reluctance to escalate the situation further.

Andrea Tenenti, the official spokesperson for UNIFIL, stated that peacekeepers are in constant contact with authorities on both sides to prevent a dangerous escalation.

UNIFIL and army patrols continue to maintain a presence along the southern borders to foster stability.

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