Israel Just Revealed Map Of Alleged Hezbollah “Targets” In Lebanon

Jo Kassis

In an interview with the American Fox News channel conducted by journalist Terry Yingst, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz revealed a target map of Hezbollah missiles allegedly stored in residential areas in Lebanon.

Gantz told the TV channel on Friday that Hezbollah possesses “hundreds of thousands of missiles” claiming the map to be “the locations of Hezbollah ground forces, storage sites, command offices, and missile launch sites.”

“This is a target map. Each one of them has been checked legally, operationally, intelligence-wise, and we are ready to fight,” Gantz said.

The News channel did not reveal the map when it aired the interview, hiding the image from the viewers, according to Al-Sharq newspaper.

It is worth noting that, on Friday, Israeli forces set up a banner with a controversial message at the border with Lebanon that says in Arabic, “He whose house is made of glass does not throw stones at people.”

The Israeli military placed a large warning banner on the border with Lebanon, the National News Agency reported on Friday.

On Monday, Al Hadath TV broadcasted suspected locations of more than 30 warehouses alleged to currently store Hezbollah’s weapons in residential neighborhoods in Lebanon.

Hezbollah stores its weapons in civilian structures and in the proximity of densely populated areas throughout Lebanon, with the highest concentration in the capital city of Beirut, the Beqaa Valley, and southern Lebanon,” Al Hadath reporter said.

According to him, the TV channel obtained the list of warehouses from Israel’s research center Alma, which has been working on revealing the specific locations of the warehouses.

Credits: Alma research center.
Credits: Alma research center.

The production of the Iran-backed group‘s missiles is allegedly located in “residential neighborhoods, inside private houses, medical centers, churches, industrial sites, public offices, fast food chains, as well as in open spaces nearby,” according to the reporter, noting from the Alma Center, the “human shield tactic” reportedly used by Hezbollah.

Credits: Alma research center.
Credits: Alma research center.