Israel Reveals Alleged Hezbollah Weapons Warehouse Next To A School In Lebanon


On Wednesday, the Israeli army (IDF) ominously tweeted the coordinates of a location in South Lebanon. About 30 minutes later, it elaborated claiming that the coordinates were the exact spot of a Hezbollah weapons warehouse.

The alleged warehouse is situated only 25 meters from a school in the Nabatieh village of Abba, Lebanon. “This endangers the lives of 300 children who attend the school,” the IDF said.

A quick Google search confirms that the location is indeed in the village of Abba, across the street from a public school as well as near the Abba Municipality.

In a statement, Israel threatened that it would take necessary measures and hit Hezbollah sites in any future war. It added that it would reveal the sites that would be targeted in Lebanon in case of war with Hezbollah.

Israel has been accusing Hezbollah of using human shields and stockpiling weapons in residential areas and that there are thousands of warehouses and sites like the one in Abba.

Israel has also exposed what it alleged were Hezbollah missile sites in Beirut and revealed a map of alleged targets in Lebanon.

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Israel Reveals Alleged Hezbollah Weapons Warehouse Next To A School In Lebanon

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