Israel Says Lebanese Government Will Be Responsible For Hezbollah’s Actions

Al Mayadeen English | ARAB NEWS

Israel has formally declared that it holds the Lebanese government responsible for the actions of Iran-backed Hezbollah, the political and military organization based in Lebanon.

In a public statement, the Israeli government specified that any future aggression by Hezbollah would be treated as an act endorsed by Lebanon.

The pronouncement comes amid escalating tensions in the region, following a series of incidents involving Hezbollah. Israel’s decision to make this attribution could potentially escalate the already nonexistent diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In previous conflicts, such as the Israel-Hezbollah war in 2006, Israel targeted Hezbollah as well as critical infrastructure – disassociating Lebanese entities and authorities such as the Lebanese army.

However, for the first time, they are declaring the Lebanese government to be responsible. For the last decade, Hezbollah’s alliance held a majority in the Lebanese parliament, which saw the cutting of ties with countries Lebanon had strong ties with such as Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

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