Israel Threatened To Respond To Hezbollah By Opening The Golan Front


The head of the Security and Foreign Affairs Committee in the Israeli Knesset, Ram Ben Barak, said that Tel Aviv takes Hezbollah’s threats seriously, and warns Hassan Nasrallah, against compromising “Israel’s sovereignty.”

He mentioned in an exclusive interview with i24news that if Hezbollah wages war in the north, Israel is ready for that, warning Hezbollah not to pay a heavy price.

“Hezbollah knows very well that we are strong and that it should not commit that foolishness,” he added.

On the possibility of opening the Golan front in the event of a war with Hezbollah, Ben Barak indicated that Israel is ready for such a scenario, and there is a possibility that militias affiliated with Iran will carry out such a scenario, but Israel is ready for that.

On the issue of demarcation of the border with Lebanon and the Karish field, Ben Barak said: “We have not given up our resources, and there is a clear line on the border. Line 29 is very clear and delineates where the border is.”

“The gas field is leaking into the Israeli side, and the talk is about a 20% to 25% leak, and all drilling work will be on the Lebanese side, and the issue of compensating the gas that leaked to our side is dependent on negotiations,” he said.

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