Israel Wants To Start Extracting Gas From Karish Field Even If No Deal Is Reached With Lebanon


Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that Israel would move ahead with plans to extract gas from the Karish field even if no deal is reached in Lebanon, warning Hezbollah that any attack would meet a “resolute” response.

Gantz warned if Hezbollah makes that mistake and attacks Israel in any way, Israel will defend itself resolutely and attack resolutely, and if things develop into a broader conflict, Israel will take Lebanon apart.

“We’ve said so and it’s in Lebanon’s hands now,” Gantz stated.

In a separate interview with Kan TV, Gantz said: “If we reach a deal with the Lebanese government, it will be good for both sides. It will be good for stability and serve all players.”

He said Israel was “not anxious” over Hezbollah’s threats. “We keep making clear that Israel is prepared for a deal, Israel is determined to maintain its economic and security interests,” he added.

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