Israeli Army Threatened To Respond If Hezbollah Attacks Gas Rigs


Israel sent clear messages to Lebanon through the American mediator, saying that if Hezbollah “does not restrain itself,” the Israeli army will “respond to any attack and will not be satisfied with just intercepting drones,” Israeli news website ‘Walla’ has reported.

Walla reported from its Israeli army sources that, if the Americans fail to reach a compromise before the gas rig begins pumping in September, there will be a situational assessment in the defense establishment in which they will consider raising the alert level on the northern front, which is Lebanon’s border.

They also stated that the United States will push for a compromise and it is possible that a decision on the matter will be made as early as this week.

“In addition, the Lebanese government’s agreement to a compromise will oblige Hezbollah not to act against the decision,” the sources told Walla media.

Accordingly, the Head of the Israeli foreign and defense committee Ram Ben Barak said that Lebanon will pay if Hezbollah attacks Karish.

He added that Hezbollah‘s threats are not affecting the negotiations between Lebanon and Israel over their maritime border demarcation.

Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah had threatened attacks if Israel proceeds with gas exploration in the disputed area.

On Sunday, Nasrallah claimed that he was trying to “strengthen” Lebanon’s negotiating power and said that his party will determine its next step based on the outcomes of Monday’s talks.

“We’re paying no attention to Nasrallah’s threats, but if Hezbollah dares to do anything to Israel’s gas rigs, Lebanon and Hezbollah will pay dearly,” he concluded.

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