Israeli Airstrikes Kill 23 In Syrian Region Known To Have Hezbollah Operatives

Hassan Ammar

In the deadliest raids since 2018, Israeli air forces hit military depots and posts in the eastern sector of Syria, killing at least seven army soldiers and 16 other allied militia fighters in Damascus, a war monitor said on Wednesday.

Similar to other raids recently, this airstrike hit the eastern area of ​Syria that extends from the town of Deir Ezzor to the Boukamal desert, near the border with Iraq.

According to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Israeli fighter jets carried out over 18 attacks targeting weapon warehouses and ammunition depots of regime forces, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah group, Iranian forces, and their proxy militias.


16 allied fighters that were killed belonged to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Lebanese Hezbollah, and the Fatimid Brigade, which includes pro-Iranian Afghan fighters, the Syrian Observatory noted.

The raids also wounded 28 troops and militiamen, some of them critically.


A senior US intelligence official told The Associated Press that the raids were carried out with intelligence provided by the United States and targeted a series of warehouses in Syria that were being used as a part of the pipeline to store and stage Iranian weapons.

The official said the warehouses also served as a space for components that support Iran’s nuclear program.

Al Mayadeen
Al Mayadeen

This attack comes as the second Israeli air force military operation in Syria in less than a week.

Worth noting that Israeli military jets have been violating Lebanon’s airspace with a new intensity these past weeks in their trajectory to Syria, even flying at an unprecedented low altitude these two days.

Lebanon has filed an urgent complaint with the United Nations Security Council to put an end to these violations.

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