Israeli Army Arrested A Man Who Crossed Border From Lebanon

Israeli Army Arrested A Man Who Crossed Border From Lebanon

A man was arrested by Israeli forces after crossing the border from Lebanon in protest against the ongoing Israeli attacks against Palestinians, Al-Jadeed reported on Saturday.

On Friday night, a group of young men from the Ain Al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon crossed the barbed wire at the southern Lebanese border.

The group found themselves stuck for hours in a sluiceway before the Lebanese Army, accompanied by UNIFIL peacekeepers, extracted them.

According to Al-Jadeed, one of the Palestinian men was arrested by the Israeli military after he tried to climb the border metal fence. He was taken to an Israeli military base.

Following the incident, the Lebanese Army deployed heavily in the area and controlled the situation. The Army blocked the road parallel to the border pathway that leads to an Israeli settlement.

At the same time, UNIFIL vehicles patrolled the area, along the Blue Line, in order to monitor activity on both sides.

A group of protesters remained near the border on the Lebanese side until midnight on Friday, until the Lebanese Army asked them to leave the area.

Since then, the Army has taken stringent measures to prevent people from reaching southern border points, especially after the pro-Palestinian border protests that took place on Friday.

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