Israeli Army Chief Of Staff Hints At War With Lebanon

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Aviv Kochavi, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff, said on Sunday that should a war break out in Lebanon, a massive and overwhelming bombardment of Lebanon would take place.

Kochavi claimed that residents will be warned and allowed to leave before the bombing commences.

He also warned that the IDF would target rocket launchers inside homes and buildings, houses located near missile launchers, and even electricity stations connected to a group of missiles. He added: “All of these targets will be hit on the day of the war.”

Tensions have heightened recently between Lebanon and Israel due to the maritime border dispute. These tensions reached their peak when an Israeli-contracted exploration vessel entered the disputed area to explore the Karish gas field for Israel.

Many Lebanese politicians, including President Michel Aoun, are accused of turning a blind eye to Israel’s incursion into Lebanese maritime borders for personal interests. Lebanon’s potential to become a gas-rich country could be a golden opportunity to solve its rampant economic woes.

Israel has not only been violating Lebanon’s maritime borders, but it also regularly violates its airspace.

Between 2007 and 2022, has documented 22,000 violations by Israeli airforces. However, despite Lebanon’s countless written complaints to the UN, it stays vulnerable in the face of Israeli jets and drones.

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Israeli Army Chief Of Staff Hints At War With Lebanon

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