Israeli Airstrike In Syria Damaged Houses In Lebanon


An Israeli airstrike in Syrian ground was carried on Monday, aiming at the central and coastal region of the country. The attack killed two Syrian soldiers as reported by Syrian media agency SANA.

The airstrike was heard from the Akkar region in Lebanon and projectiles were seen by the locals.

Moreover, shrapnel falling from Israeli missiles hit houses in Hermel, injuring one woman.

The attack was carried through Lebanese airspace as is very often the case when Israel conducts airstrikes in Syria. It happened end of October when an Israeli airstrike hit arms shipments heading to Lebanon.

Earlier in August, Lebanon filed a claim at the United Nations against Israel for those recurrent violations of Lebanese airspace sovereignty.

The back-then Lebanese Defense Minister Zeina Akar declared that “it created a panic state among Lebanese citizens”, condemning the “missiles from Israeli enemy from Lebanese airspace and aiming at Syrian sites in low altitude.”

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