Two Israeli Boats Breached The Lebanese Territorial Waters

Norman Ali Bassam Ali Taher Khalaf

The Army Command -Orientation Directorate just issued a statement revealing that an Israeli military boat violated the Lebanese territorial waters on July 26th at 7 o’clock, next to Ras Al-Naqoura, “for a distance of 277 meters approximately, and for a period of 35 minutes.”

The army added that a “similar hostile boat breached the same sea spot for a distance of about 314 meters, for 22 minutes.”

The Lebanese army is following up on these violations with the UNIFIL in Lebanon.

This comes amid the expected finalization of the negotiations between Lebanon and Israel via U.S. mediation over the maritime border, and right after the IDF minister accused Hezbollah of causing delays to the deal’s progress.

Hezbollah’s chief Nasrallah has recently doubled down on war threats against Israel, compelling PSP’s leader Walid Jumblatt to urge him to avoid a war that could be costly to Lebanon.

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