Israeli Drones Flew Over Lebanon for Hours Last Night, and It Was Really Loud!

Israeli spy plane flew over Lebanon last night
Wikipedia / IAI Heron

Many Lebanese people are complaining, on social media, that they had a sleepless night on Sunday due to a “weird noise” in the atmosphere.

As a result of these cyber complaints, #weird_plane_noise became the #1 top trending hashtag on Twitter in Lebanon.

At around 11:15 PM last night, the National News Agency reported that an Israeli spy plane was flying heavily over Beirut and its Southern Suburbs.

Meanwhile, irritated Lebanese Twitter and Reddit users in the capital were reporting the story from their bedrooms. “I’m studying and losing focus due to a #weird_plane_noise,” one user complained.

The annoying sound of the plane was heard in several areas in and around Beirut and its suburbs, causing people to question if there were actually several planes flying overhead simultaneously.

Numerous people joined in on social media and expressed their lack of sleep due to the loud voice of the spy plane.

While many noted that the noise was much louder than in previous instances of Israeli drones going over Beirut, some said that it wasn’t louder, but that it seemed to be because the streets were empty due to the ongoing lockdown.

Others resorted to humor and joked about the way the Lebanese labeled the noise as “weird plane noise,” when it was likely an MK-series UAV flying at a low altitude.

According to the social media accounts, the spy plane stayed overhead for more than 5 hours after 11 PM. Several people heard the noise again on Monday morning.

As of the time of writing, the Lebanese Army has not released a statement to comment on the incident.

Notably, the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 conflict with Israel, states that “the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and political independence of Lebanon within its internationally recognized borders” must not be violated by Israel.

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