Israeli 188th Armored Brigade Preparing For Hezbollah War With New Tech

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Armed with new technology, Israel’s 188th Armored Brigade has completed a drill that would prepare it for war with Hezbollah.

The 188th Armored Brigade is subordinate to Israel‘s Northern Regional Command, a part of the Israeli Defense Forces that’s responsible for its northern border with Lebanon.

The drill was part of efforts to prepare that northern border for combat against Lebanon, especially to treat the gaps its army faced during the 2006 July War. Israeli troops apparently deemed that they lacked enough food and ammunition back then, and that despite the massive destruction they inflicted on Lebanon.

Jerusalem-based newspaper JPost wrote that the past year was dubbed as the “transformation year” for the 188th Armored Brigade.

It recently received new and improved tanks, the Merkava IV-Mem 400 tanks, with the most advanced control-and-command system in addition to a system that will help in “revealing the enemy.”

The IDF is obviously making major preparations for a battle with Lebanon that Israeli leaders believe will erupt in the coming years.

Israel‘s Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz blatantly said he intends to target homes that, he claimed, are storing missiles pertaining to Hezbollah.

Israel has already warned that Hezbollah stores missiles among civilians using them as human shields.

However, Gantz’s announcement to the press shows that the Israeli military would not spare these “human shields” if it deems necessary. He only said that they would make every effort to be as precise with their targets as possible and that it would warn Lebanese residents beforehand to avoid huge human loss.

The Israeli state has spent considerable time throughout 2020 till now conducting psychological warfare against the Lebanese people by flying at low altitudes above major cities in Lebanon – particularly after the Beirut blast.

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Israeli 188th Armored Brigade Preparing For Hezbollah War With New Tech

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