Israeli Legal Team Warns Major Airlines To Stop All Flights To Beirut Airport

Israeli Legal Team Wants To Stop Flights To Beirut Airport
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An Israeli legal team is trying to suspend international flights to Beirut-Rafik Hariri International Airport by seeking punitive measures against airline and insurance companies that provide services to the airport, under the pretext of supporting Hezbollah.

According to Israeli media, the team sent a letter to major airline companies around the world, warning them that the continuation of civilian flights to the Lebanese capital means that they may be held accountable under international law on charges of committing a war crime.

On that basis, the team is demanding that these companies, including Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa (German), and others, suspend their flights to Beirut or risk facing legal action for “supporting a terrorist organization.”

The controversial letter said that Beirut’s international airport has become “a hornet’s nest for Hezbollah,” claiming that the airport and its surrounding area have witnessed terrorist operations by the group.

Moreover, it warned that the airlines that continue their flights to the airport endanger their passengers and crews and also provide Hezbollah with “human shields,” which would make them subject to criminal lawsuits, according to the letter.

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