Israeli Media Reports On Maritime Negotiations With Lebanon Denounced As Over Optimistic


The media office of the Lebanese Parliament Deputy Speaker Elias Bou Saab issued that “a call took place between the American mediator Amos Hochstein in charge of the demarcation of the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel.”

Hochstein briefed Bou Saab on his latest contacts with Israeli officials and assured him that he will continue his talks with Israel in the coming days.

Hochstein said that he will contact Bou Saab again within a week to clarify some points in preparation for his written conception of what he discussed in Lebanon during his last visit.

The extended call also touched upon what is being reported in some Israeli and international media, and then transmitted by some Lebanese media, especially exaggerated reports, both positive and negative.

“Over the past two days, these media outlets moved to broadcast positive news that reached the point of setting a date for signing an agreement in this regard,” the statement indicated.

It was confirmed during the call that all this news is based on speculation and not based on any data or official positions.

Bou Saab reiterated Lebanon’s position, pointing to the pressing factor of time, and stressing, in this context, the need to work within the acceptable deadlines for the benefit of negotiation.

The statement concluded, “We should not exaggerate the positive as well as the negative, because his contacts have not ended yet, especially since Lebanon is negotiating from a position of strength fortified with the unity of the official position.”