Israeli Military Reportedly Returned 3 Of 7 Cows To Lebanon

Israeli Military Reportedly Returned 3 Of 7 Cows To Lebanon
The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari

The Israeli military has reportedly returned 3 of the 7 Lebanese-owned cows that it has been holding since Sunday.

The 3 cows were returned overnight Thursday, while the others remain with the Israeli military, a Lebanese security source told The Daily Star, expecting that the remaining 4 would follow shortly.

Their handover was the outcome of “intense contacts” between Israeli officers and UNIFIL peacekeepers that have been ongoing for the past few days, the source added. Local media had reported a day prior that the full herd had been retrieved.

On Wednesday, caretaker Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister Zeina Akar praised “the efforts and contacts made by the Lebanese Army Command and UNIFIL’s leadership to restore the herd of livestock that was seized by the Israeli enemy.”

She stressed that the continuation of these violations by the enemy “constitutes a violation of international resolutions, especially (UNSC) Resolution 1701,” emphasizing the necessity of implementing and adhering to them.

The Israeli military had pledged on Tuesday to return the animals after UNIFIL announced that it had launched an investigation into the incident.

Lebanon had accused Israeli forces of entering Lebanon on Sunday and capturing the 7 cows, which the Israeli military has denied, claiming that the cattle had crossed the border while grazing.