Israeli PM Claims Lebanon Can Benefit From Gas Reserves Through Negotiations

Financial Times

Yair Lapid, Israeli Prime Minister, in a statement released on Tuesday, stated that Israel’s gas reserves have the potential to “contribute toward a solution for the global energy crisis.”

He continued by claiming that, through negotiations, “Lebanon could also benefit from developing the reserves in its economic waters.”

This statement was released after Lapid flew over the Karish natural gas platform in the Mediterranean.

He said in his statement: “This new platform is the energy future of the State of Israel and constitutes an economic opportunity, which includes the export of gas to Egypt and Europe, that every Israeli citizen will benefit from in the not-too-distant future.”

Earlier that day, Lapid and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz had visited the Lebanese-Israeli border.

“Israel is prepared to act against any threat. We do not seek confrontation but whoever tries to attack our sovereignty or Israeli citizens will learn very quickly that they have made a serious mistake,” Lapid said during his visit.

Lapid claimed that Israel does not wish to escalate the situation; however, “Hezbollah’s aggression is unacceptable,” he said.

While Lebanon has the opportunity to develop its energy resources, Hezbollah’s aggression may “lead the entire region into an unnecessary escalation,” he continued.

On July 2nd, Israel shot down three drones launched by Hezbollah toward the Karish gas field. Another drone, approaching Israel’s economic waters, was also intercepted later in June, according to the Israeli army.

Just two days ago, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) claimed to have intercepted and downed a Hezbollah drone that entered its airspace from Lebanon.

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