Israeli Army Said It Struck Hezbollah Positions In Lebanon

Israeli Army Said It Struck Hezbollah Positions In Lebanon
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The night of Tuesday, August 25th, was a tense and heated one at the southern Lebanese border. After inexplicably firing over 200 shells into Lebanese territory, the Israeli military indicated that its brief but intense offensive targeted Hezbollah.

Contrary to what appeared to be the case last night, the conflict that lit up the sky over several southern villages was not one-sided — at least according to the Israeli Army’s official statement.

Late on Tuesday, Israeli forces exchanged fire with Hezbollah fighters along the border, the Army said, noting that the clash ensued when shots were fired from the Lebanese side at Israeli soldiers.

As per the statement, illumination rounds were heavily used throughout the incident before Israeli helicopters and aircraft struck Hezbollah observation posts along the border early on Wednesday.

“The IDF holds the Lebanese government responsible for all events emanating from Lebanon,” the military added.

As of yet, Hezbollah has not made any comments about the incident.

On its part, the Lebanese Army issued a statement detailing the Israeli aggression – which it said targeted the NGO Green Without Borders‘ posts – and the material damage caused by it; no casualties were recorded in the aftermath.

Additionally, during the meeting of Lebanon’s Supreme Defense Council on Wednesday morning, the Lebanese authorities decided to lodge a complaint to the UN Security Council regarding Israel’s attack.

Hezbollah-Israel tensions have been high ever since the latter killed a Hezbollah operative in Syria back in July, a few days after which the Israeli military shelled several targets in South Lebanon in wake of an alleged Hezbollah retaliatory attack.

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