Israel Threatens Destruction Of Lebanon If Hezbollah Attacks

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The air between Lebanon and Israel is as tense as ever with Israeli aircraft violating Lebanon’s airspace almost daily.

Recently, Israeli Defense Minister and alternative prime minister Benny Gantz, who is both a soldier and a politician, has threatened to make Lebanese pay “the heaviest price” if Hezbollah were to attack it.

“If a front breaks out in the north (of Israeli territory), the country of Lebanon will be the one to pay the heaviest of prices for the weapons that have been scattered in civilian population centers,” he was reported as saying.

Gantz added that Israel has warned time and again against Hezbollah and Iran turning Lebanon into a “terror state”.

In a clear threat, he said Israel would not hesitate to strike Iran‘s efforts, adding that Hezbollah‘s arms depots “is a danger to himself and to the citizens of the state of Lebanon” and called on the Lebanese government to “take responsibility”.

Previous wars are proof Israel has no issue attacking the Lebanese people despite their feigned concern for the citizens immediately following the Beirut Port blast.

Gantz’s remarks coincided with the launching of a military drill “Lightning Storm” on the Lebanese-Israeli borders, which just ended.

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Israel Threatens Destruction Of Lebanon If Hezbollah Attacks

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